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Work for cBcon

Highly qualified, accredited, and motivated – cBcon as employer

Our employees and their expertise, know-how and skills form the very core of our company. They are optimally qualified in a wide range of sectors and differentiate themselves by their entrepreneurial reasoning, professionalism, business ethics, variety of interests and flexible conduct.

  • Our most important property is our staff. Their commitment defines our business success
  • Our corporate culture is marked by candor, transparency, trust, integrity and respect
  • Our teams are motivated and work within an environment of appreciation and acceptation
  • We attach great importance to education and further training. All our specialists are highly qualified in their areas of skill and work according to the most stringent productivity standards, most up-to-date methods, and tried-and-tested best practice-oriented technologies
  • Our management, performance metrics and coaching methods include performance-oriented goals and strong commitment to results
  • We offer attractive salaries, above-average employee benefits and many more interesting additional benefits resulting in overall generous remuneration packages
  • To ensure that our employees fully develop and be able to use their personal strengths, we create space for independent and responsible work environments
  • Through ongoing tuning to the needs of our employees, we get a very high level of employee satisfaction

Sustainable, consistent, effective – being an employee at cBcon

We carry the previous course of success forward into the future, setting ourselves ahead of our competitors in terms of quality, motivation, professionalism and, last but not least, innovation. In order to implement and sustain continuously this objective we are always on the lookout for talented employees who can contribute to the success of the company with their personal added-value, commitment, creativity and motivation.

  • Our employees are sincere and honest. You are loyal to cBcon services and have an open outlook towards colleagues, customers and new tasks
  • A positive attitude, esteem and a respectful approach in your daily work are the basic prerequisites for working together successfully in a team
  • We all embody a common strong identity and communicate the same message
  • Our actions with respect to mankind and the environment are characterized by social responsibility and safety awareness
  • Our employees know the strategy, objectives and activities of cBcon and provide them to our customers and prospects
  • We know our rights and obligations and take this in the sense of cBcon responsibly true