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Skill Services

Highly qualified, certified, committed

Our employees form the basis of our company and our range of services. As highly-qualified specialist, our employees are committed to our customers and the market in which we operate. They distinguish themselves by their business acumen, professionalism, wide area of interests, and flexibility.

Our staff is optimally qualified in their respective fields and undergo continual further training, working with the latest productivity standards, state-of-the-art methods combined with tried and tested techniques.

Skill Services - streamlined to your needs

As specialist for skill services we provide our customers, our employees for assignments and projects in various industry areas. Depending on the need, for short, medium, or long-term assignments.

Due to our many years of experience and close cooperation with international named companies, we are specialized in IT and pharmaceuticals; biotechnology, medical technology, medical devices and diagnostics in the area of diversity.

Our specialty and our main task is the know-how what technical skills a project requires, respectively to recognize what requests our clients have in terms of candidates. Our effort to find the right candidate with the appropriate personality profile is our ultimate goal. From this we generate a sustainable success story for our clients and our candidates.

We continually adapt our service portfolio to the needs of our customers. Our team has not only the professional expertise, the training, but also the network, and the many years of experience, to find specialists from dedicated departments.

All in all quick and efficient

Our customer benefit from a highly qualified and certified pool of resources, which can be applied, simply and flexibly according to requirements.