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cBcon services ag - It’s all about people business

cBcon services ag is a highly qualified and specialized service provider and consulting company, headquartered in Basel and Zurich. As a specialist, we focus on skill services, recruiting and managed services.

Sustainable, consistent, effective

As partner, we support and accompany firms of all sizes in finding solutions to strategic, organizational and operative challenges. With the highest level of competence and experienced experts, we are consistent in applying all the advantages inherent in an extremely flexible consulting company.

The sure way to customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why we represent and foster close collaborations with you. Our complete range of services is designed to meet the challenges and requirements of our customers to their utmost satisfaction.

Thanks to our competence and many years of experience we can secure the trust of our customers and have built up exclusive full references and credentials due to our long-term partnerships.

Mission statement

  • Absolute customer satisfaction is our top priority 
  • We listen to our customers and take their concerns seriously 
  • We support and accompany our customers in realizing their projects 
  • We are quick, unbureaucratic and flexible. In doing so, we save our customers time and money 
  • Our most important property is our staff. Their commitment defines our business success
  • We exclusively employ only qualified staff with excellent social and professional skills 
  • Our conduct and communication is marked by candour, transparency, trust, integrity and respect 
  • Our actions with respect to mankind and the environment are characterized by responsibility and safety awareness

Clearly understood

We are competent advisors, with the skill to listen well and provide solid advice services.